Tips: Cleaning Baby Feeding Bottles – Do’s And Dont’s

Tips: Cleaning Baby Feeding Bottles - Do's And Dont's

Bottle-feeding equipment

Bottlefed babies will need the following:

4-6 large bottles
rings and caps
several teats.

Some babies will find feeding more comfortable with certain bottle’s and as a result, you may find yourself trying a couple of brands. This is perfectly normal. You can use any bottle your baby seems to like.

Bottle teats can be made from latex (brown) or silicone (clear), and both types are fine. Depending on the age of your baby, try teats with bigger or smaller holes until you find one that you and your baby are happy with. Teats are normally graded according to the age of the baby.

Why Correct Cleaning Is Important.

Your baby has not had time to develop its immune system and as a result, infections can easily be caught if you are not careful. Cleaning and sterilising all bottle-feeding equipment reduces the chances of getting sick. It’s very important to sterilise equipment properly during the early months of life. Although, keeping good hygiene should always be a priority, regardless of age.

Cleaning bottle-feeding equipment

It’s important to clean bottle-feeding equipment after every feed. You need to clean it before you sterilise it, and it’s best to clean equipment straight after your baby has finished feeding.

Here’s how to clean bottle-feeding equipment:

Wash your hands with soapy water and dry with a clean towel.
Check teats for any cracks. Throw away any damaged teats – bacteria can grow in the cracks.
Wash all bottle-feeding equipment in hot, soapy water.
Use a bottle brush to scrub inside bottles and teats.
Squirt water through teats to clear the little hole.
Rinse everything thoroughly.

Sterilising bottle-feeding equipment

When you’ve sterilised your equipment using your chosen method, you need to store the sterilised equipment in a sealed container in the fridge.

Some would suggest the use of chemicals but we do not. A decent sterilisation system that uses steam to clean and de-contaminate your babies feeding kit is a priceless investment.

Always be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and read the aftercare sections provided.

One last thing, never put your babies bottles and teats in a microwave. We have found that the bottles and teats can crack and split open, rendering them useless. Furthermore, you do not want any bacteria forming within the hairline cracks that come before the visible splitting.

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Main Photo by Dominika Roseclay 

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