Aska Maternity Movement Bracelet-Moonstone Gold (NEW)

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SKU: 36001626521643 Category:


The Aska Maternity Movement Bracelet supports Mums-to-be and new Mums who are breastfeeding with elegant, yet priceless, functional piece of jewellery to help them holistically bond with their baby or newborn by tracking their movements or feeds per day. Whilst pregnancy is a magical and special time it can often by marred with confusion and anxiety as women try to monitor the movements from their baby. Changes relating to the baby?s movements and patterns can highlight problems that may require urgent medical intervention. When women notice changes to the pattern, they are encouraged to seek advice from their medical team. Features: Natural Semi precious gemstones, pearl, sterling silver Because of its image of being nurturing and calming moonstone is associated with feminine aspect. An ethereal, milky white glow with transparent shine that lets natural light sift through its layers makes Aska Maternity Movement Bracelet with carefully curated 8 mm moonstone round beads ideal choice. Wash under the running water and dry with gentle cloth

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