Axkid Modukid i-Size Group 1 Car Seat-Black

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SKU: 36000171643399 Category:


We know that no two families are alike. The busy schedule of parenting, however, is common to all. When developing Axkid Modukid Seat we had this in mind and thanks to its quick and easy installation, you will have more time for things that matter. Axkid Modukid Seat is the only i-Size in the world who has the unique feature of the headrest and internal harness, which automatically adjusts according to the child?s length and size. Axkid Modukid Seat is a part of our car seat system that you install on the Axkid Modukid Base. Axkid Modukid Seat is approved for toddlers, 61-105 cm and up to 18 kg, the age of 4 years. The functionality of the 6 adjusting positions on Axkid Modukid Base makes sure that your child is comfortable when growing, as you can choose between compact installation for the small child and more legroom for the bigger ones which allows rear-facing for longer. Thanks to the opportunity to choose between compact installation or more legroom, the car seat system fits in both big and smaller cars. The ISOFIX connectors on the base have 4 adjusting positions which ensure a more stable and safe installation. The ISOFIX connectors are integrated with safety colour indicators and a sounding safety system for the support leg, just to ensure you that installation is correct. Features: Approved from 61-105 cm and up to 18 kg UN R129/i-Size Rear-facing car seat ISOFIX with Axkid Modukid Base (Sold Separately) Always use with Axkid Modukid Base Safety indicators Part of car seat system for 0-4 years Compact installation or maximum legroom enables rear-facing for longer World?s only i-Size car seat automatically adjusting to child?s length and size – ensuring your child is safe when growing Soft padding for maximum comfort and removable head cushion Delivered with removable headrest cushion for the small child Ultra stable installation, with 4 adjusting ISOFIX positions Smooth and quick with 2-step installation Correct installation with safety indicators Sleep-We

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