Badabulle Maternity Cushion-Feathers (NEW)

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SKU: 36000676506601 Category:


We all know that pregnancy can sometimes be an uncomfortable time, between aching back pains and heavy tummies, it can be difficult to sleep. With the Badabulle Maternity Cushion, you can ease some of the discomforts that can often come with pregnancy and maybe even get some extra sleep too! With soft, stretchy fabric and microbead filling, this ergonomic and adaptable maternity pillow is perfect for providing relief to your back, legs and tummy, moulding perfectly to your body shape the pillow is an ideal sleep support but can also be used throughout the day to keep you comfortable. The comfort doesn’t stop after you give birth, the pillow can also double up as a feeding support for your little one, holding your baby at the right height to relieve your back and arm during breastfeeding or bottle feeding. You can even use it for supporting your baby before they’re able to sit up themselves. Features: Supports your bump, back and knees Doubles as a feeding support pillow Microbead filling and shape that moulds to your body Machine washable cover for easy cleaning

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