Boori Harbour Cot-White (2021)

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SKU: 36001318108550 Category:


Our range of sustainable solid wood cots offer fantastic value without compromising on our signature quality. The Harbour Cot (also known as the Harbour Compact Cot) is expertly crafted from FSC-Certified Australian Araucaria wood then finished in our Eco-Blend Bio-Paint which is a natural finish made with renewable plant extracts. Although only slightly smaller than Boori Cot Beds, these baby cots are lightweight and can fit through a standard door frame making them ideal for those who are looking for a safe bedside sleeper. All Boori cots have two base heights, meaning they’ll grow with your child and last you from birth to toddler age. A high base height is for easy access to newborns and the lower height is for when baby is able to pull themselves up. The Harbour Cot (also known as the Harbour Compact Cot) channels Scandinavian design with clean lines and quirky angled feet. When your baby outgrows their cot, the feet can be removed to transform it into a cosy sofa! Features: Our Harbour Compact Cot (also known as the Harbour Compact Cot) is crafted with sustainable solid Australian Araucaria wood. Our unique paint finishes are nursery-friendly and enhance the natural beauty of our sustainable timber. Two base heights. Higher base height for easy access to newborns, lower base height for when baby is able to pull themselves up. Packed flat for easy home assembly with full instructions included. Width will fit through a standard door frame. Slightly smaller than Boori cot beds. Requires Boori Standard Cot Mattress 119 x 65cm. Dimensions: Height: 94cm | Width: 72cm | Length: 130cm

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