Boori Oasis Oval Cot-Pebble (2021)


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Transform your nursery into an oasis of calm with our innovative new oval cot. Pushing the boundaries of traditional cot design, the Oasis Oval Cot is expertly crafted from sustainable solid wood into a beautifully soft rounded shape. Smooth spindles span the circumference of this round cot, allowing for increased airflow and a more comfortable night’s sleep for baby. These dainty spindles coupled with the unique shape offer optimum visibility, especially when placed in the parents bedroom, making the Oasis Oval Cot an ideal alternative to traditional bedside sleepers during those early stages. Lockable castors, and the fact it can be manoeuvred through standard door frames, mean easy and safe mobility, so when the time comes your Oasis Oval Cot can be moved into the nursery where it will become a stunning centrepiece to treasure for years to come. Lasting you well beyond the newborn stage, the Oasis Oval Cot can also be transformed into a toddler bed and finally a cosy sofa. Whilst baby sleeps peacefully, you too can rest easy knowing your beautiful cot is crafted with sustainable materials. Our timber is FSC certified and our unique nursery-friendly paint finish is made using renewable plant extracts including soy bean and corn. Features: Unique curved cot design crafted with sustainable solid wood. 2 base heights allow for easy access to baby. Smooth spindles increase airflow for a comfortable night’s sleep. Lockable castors and increased visibility make the Oasis the perfect alternative to traditional bedside sleepers. Transforms into a toddler bed and cosy sofa, no guard panel required. Our unique paint finishes are nursery-friendly and enhance the natural beauty of our sustainable timber. Oval mattress available separately. Oval bedding available directly from Boori. Base panel made from wood composite to provide support and stability. Dimensions: Height: 83cm | Width: 70cm | Length: 125cm

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