Boori Purotex® Oval Cot Mattress 119cm x 64cm (2021)

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SKU: 36001318108426 Category:


Our Purotex® Oval Cot Mattress is designed to provide baby with optimum comfort and support. It’s handmade using high quality British ECO fibres which are ultra firm and have hypo-allergenic properties. The unique structure of these fibres reacts and responds to baby’s body by moulding to the contours of the body. This allows for increased airflow, keeping baby nice and comfortable. An internal waterproof membrane protects the mattress core from any leaks and the Purotex® Moisture Management cover can be removed for easy cleaning. Fabrics that have been treated with Purotex® contain microcapsules that are filled with natural probiotics. These provide a natural remedy against common allergens. Thanks to friction, when your baby lays on the mattress, the microcapsules burst open and absorb humidity to reduce moisture. These probiotics start to multiply and clean up the allergens. Features: Chemical-free cot mattress designed for use with Boori oval cots Handmade with ultra firm hypo-allergenic fibres for optimum support Fibre structure contours to baby’s body for increased comfort and airflow Removable Purotex® cover, washable at 40 degrees Adjustable internal waterproof membrane protects mattress core, can be hand washed with warm water Treated with natural Purotex® treatment which uses probiotics to reduce moisture build up and create a barrier against dust and allergens, stopping them from penetrating the mattress Packaged in biodegradable twin polythene packaging Dimensions: Height: 10cm | Width: 64cm | Length: 119cm

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