Cosatto All in All + Group 0+123 Car Seat-Dragon Kingdom

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SKU: 36000079287233 Category:


Wondering which car seat does it all? The new All in All from Cosatto is here. With ISOFIX fitting options in all modes up to 36kg (approx. 12 years old), the All in All + comes with a range of new features including extra side impact protection and more modes than ever before. Reasons to Buy Extended Rear Facing. The All in All+ is Extended Rear Facing (ERF). It?s scientifically proven to be safer to travel rearward for as long as possible. All in All+ ERF mode is suitable up to 18kg (approx. 4 years old). Suitable for all Stages. The All in All + means you won?t need to consider any other car seat for your child?s entire car seat journey. All in All+ takes them all the way up to 36kg (approx. 12 years old). Multi-Fit. The All in All + is suitable for a wide variety of cars both rearward-facing up to 18kg (approx. 4 years old) and forward-facing up to 36kg (approx. 12 years old). The All in All + can fit in most cars whether they have ISOFIX points or not. ISOFIT is available for group 2 and 3 (15 ? 36kg). Extra Security. All in All+ comes with a flip-out side-impact protection system and the exclusive Cosatto 5 point plus Anti-Escape system. Plus, even more padding – all bringing added in-car safety. Comfy and Easy. An easily adjustable harness and recline-lock indicator are just two new features we?ve added to improve the comfort and ease of your All in All + experience. Plus, with one hand easy-adjust, even more recline options and a smaller design for easier transportation, All in All+ has you covered. Features: Group 0+/1/2/3 car seat. Suitable from birth up to 36kg (approx. 12 years old.) Extended rearward-facing mode (ERF) 0-18kg (approx. 4 years old) Forward-facing 9-36kg (approx. 12 years old) Universal belted-only fitting for Group 0+/1/2/3 modes. Universal ISOFIX in Group 0+/1 ? using ISOFIX points and top tether strap. Beyond that ISOFIT group 2/3. (15-36kg) Complies with R44. 04 Designed and tested for your newborn right through to 36kg. (0 ? 12 years a

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