DK Glove 2 Pack Organic Cotton Blanket for Maxi Cosi Iora 80x50cm-White/Grey

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SKU: 36001344538372 Category:


DK Organic Cotton crib sheets for the Maxi Cosi Iora 80 x 50 cm is suitable for prams, cribs, moses baskets and cots. DK Glovesheets are a small family company who have been committed to supplying exceptional quality, responsibly manufacturered bedding since 1950. Organic yarn is grown without the use of artificial insecticides, pesticides, or fertilisers, using methods that are ecological, economical, and socially sustainable. Methods such as crop rotation and the use of natural means to suppress insect attack are used to maintain the soil fertility and control pests. This helps to promote a healthy environment and maintain biological diversity. GM crops are strictly prohibited. Features: 100% Organic Cotton Blanket Machine washable. Dimensions: Size 80 x 50cm

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