Purflo Sleep Tight Baby Bed-Botanical

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The Sleep Tight Baby Bed is a safe place for baby to rest and sleep, day and night. Tested to the very latest and most relevant safety standards for a baby?s overnight bed, The Sleep Tight Baby Bed is the first of its kind to be certified for unsupervised, overnight sleep from birth. Using a sustainably sourced, firm filling ?Sorona? by Dupont and innovative breathable base and panels, The Sleep Tight Baby Bed provides a healthy and safe sleeping environment day and night The Sleep Tight Baby Bed has been thoroughly tested to relevant standards and has been certified safe for overnight sleeping, eliminating concerns raised by traditional nests and sleep positioners. Firm sides are essential for stopping baby from being able to roll out of bed. Ours are made from breathable, sustainably sourced fibre which is strong enough to keep baby safe inside whilst still being soft to touch. The Sorona fibre, designed and patented by Dupont retains its natural shape and structure so doesn?t flatten with age. The Sleep Tight Baby Bed includes a firm flat base essential for overnight, unsupervised sleep. The base is easily removable and wipe clean. The bed features a fully breathable mesh base and sides allowing air to safely circulate and to help keep baby at a safe temperature all day and night. Many babies feel more comforted and sleep better when they are surrounded by familiar things. The Sleep Tight Baby Bed is ideal for providing a safe and familiar environment when travelling to grandparent?s houses, hotel rooms and much more. Features: Suitable from 0 to 8 months Reduction cushion. Removable washable soft cover at 40C. Can be used as a cot or junior bed insert. Avoids flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly), loss of heat and sensation of vulnerability. Cover: 100% cotton Mesh: 100% polyester Base cover: 100% polyester Filling: 100% Sorona Dimensions: Outer: L 92 x W 49cm Sleeping area: L71 x W 27cm WEIGHT 1kg

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